Music Therapy



Music Therapy is the skillful use of music in order to enhance the quality of life. Through musical activities (e.g. singing, playing instruments, moving to music, listening, and creating), patients can reflect on their issues and express their feelings and thoughts. Musical interactions with a therapist and other participants convey a sense of being understood, connected, and accepted.

Patient Stories:
Showcasing Impact of Music Therapy


  • On the second last day of her life, a patient and her daughter listened to our music therapist play three of the patient’s favourite songs. Mother and daughter told us they were deeply moved and filled with peace and wonder while they listened.
  • A 50 year-old patient suffered a brain aneurysm and lost his ability to speak or walk. Through music therapy, he recovered his ability to sing his favourite song – Yesterday by the Beatles – every word! Though he remains unable to converse, his singing brings him pleasure and motivation for therapy.
  • A complex care patient struggled with depression due to his physical limitations and long hospitalization. A former guitar player, his disability left him unable to play. He started music therapy and he began to get out of bed more often. At first, just to listen but later on, he used his remaining dexterity to improvise on the xylophone. The patient identified those musical collaborations as the highlight of his week.

Neurologist Oliver Sacks observed, “the power of music to integrate and cure is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical medication.”

For more information about this program, you can download our music therapy brochure here.

Music is about our lives