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The team at The Brant Community Healthcare System’s (BCHS) mental health inpatient unit has earned nothing but praise from one of its patients who found himself in their care during a personal crisis.

Jim* has recovered, but there was a period of time when he was going through what he describes as a “breakdown” and he found himself needing to spend 17 days in their care.

“I don’t know how I got here,” said Jim. “But when I got here, I knew I was not good.”

Jim’s wife, Jean* said he first complained of physical ailments, but no doctor could diagnose a specific problem. His pain caused him to leave his job, and he wasn’t sleeping at night.

Further attention from his family doctor determined Jim would benefit from treatment at the mental health inpatient unit. He was immediately assessed and provided a recommended treatment for recovery by the BCHS medical team that included nurses, social workers, pharmacists, occupational therapists, therapeutic recreationists, and a psychiatrist. Jean noted that his family felt informed and included in the process, which gave them comfort that Jim
was going to get the help he needed.

It took him a couple of days to realize why he was at the hospital, but as Jim came to understand whatwas going on, he settled in to the routine on the unit.

Jim described the program as being specific, with dedicated times for activities, meals and therapy.

“What I found nice was nobody had a seating plan,” he said, adding he liked to take advantage of the opportunity to sit with whomever he chose and strike up a conversation. He was able to be his old friendly self and felt respected by those he met.

“I got pretty close to three guys in the program,” he said.

Jim and Jean both spoke highly of the staff on the unit.

“They’re as good as you could get,” said Jim.

Jim said that the staff in the mental health inpatient unit have the best interests of the patients in mind in whatever they do. Jim liked that they called patients by their first name – making him feel at home away from home – and never pressured him or his fellow patients to participate in any activities.

“The only thing I regret is that I couldn’t thank everybody,” he said.

Jim was able to take part in group therapy sessions and music therapy – activities that he feels helped his days go by quickly. The mental health programs helped him both physically since taking up aerobic exercise and spiritually by realizing and learning new ways to cope with the issues that triggered his crisis.

Jim’s recovery was aided by a schedule of medication that he continues to take since returning home. He is also receiving support in a community-based setting near his home.

Jim is also grateful for the support of his family and friends. Jean said many of them now realize that if a mental health crisis can happen to someone like Jim, it can happen to anyone.

“This happened for a reason and it has helped me,” said Jim. “I’m not afraid to talk about what has happened to me. I’m better, and want others to know they should not be afraid to ask for help.”

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Photo above: Mental Health & Addictions Inpatient Team Members