Grateful Patients: The Moir Family – Diagnostic Imaging & Special Care Nursery

TheMoirFamily It’s been a long road to parenthood for Greg and Hillary Moir. The Port Dover couple have tried for seven years to become pregnant and along the way, suffered two miscarriages.

They were about to embark on a course of in vitro fertilization when blood tests revealed Hillary was pregnant with baby Callen.

The couple’s doctor at the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) was comforting and supportive, constantly monitoring her progress and prescribing an ultrasound image of the baby every two weeks which they had done in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the BCHS.

“We were at the BCHS a lot,” said Hillary. “We got to know all the diagnostic techs.”

In January, Hillary was put on sick leave to await baby Callen’s August 4th due date. She laughed when she said her pregnancy craving was to eat at her favourite Port Dover restaurant once a week. That’s where she was June 20th with her mother, when baby Callen decided it was time for his arrival.

“I literally got up to get a cinnamon roll to take home to Greg and my water broke,” Hillary said. “To say there was slight panic would be an understatement.”

Since the baby was still six weeks ahead of his due date, their doctor directed them to go directly to the BCHS. Labour and delivery staff began the protocol for a premature baby, including steroid injections to strengthen Callen’s lungs while he was still in the womb.

“They were really patient with us,” Greg said of all the BCHS staff in the Labour and Delivery Department.

There had been so many ultrasounds leading up to Callen’s birth that they knew he was strong and developing well. It was a long day, with a line-up for delivery, and Hillary’s labour progressing. But at 5:49 p.m. on June 25th, they welcomed their new baby boy.

After being greeted by his parents, Callen was admitted to the BCHS Special Care Nursery as a precaution, because although he was doing well, he was still more than five weeks early.

The new parents said they always felt welcomed in the Special Care Nursery and the nurses engaged them regularly, helping and showing them techniques in caring for their new baby and answering questions, explaining what they were doing every step of the way.

“I was just amazed, watching the care the nurses gave all the babies,” said Hillary, “They always seemed busy, but they never rushed with us or the other babies”.

The Special Care Nursery has room for as many as ten premature or sick babies at any time. Each is treated by a team of paediatricians and nurses who have experience in intensive nursing care of babies and their families. The Special Care Nursery also has specialized equipment for use on babies’ tiny bodies.

Despite being nervous about the outcome of their pregnancy, it was a positive experience.

“I think we went home a lot more prepared,” said Greg.

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