Grateful Patient: The Gambacort Family – Labour and Delivery

TheGambacortFamilyOne of the memorable moments leading up to the birth of their third child is the help Jon and Nikisha (Niki) Gambacort received from two anonymous nurses in the parking lot at the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS).

The couple arrived at about 6:30 a.m. on September 1, after three hours of intense labouring at their Brantford home.

Niki said her contractions were about 15 minutes apart, but in a short time, the pain intensified and the contractions started to come closer and closer together.

“Suddenly, they were coming fast and furious,” she said, explaining that the labour with her first two children,Jack and Emmelia, was also relatively quick.

“It was hard seeing her in so much pain,” said Jon.

He called ahead to the labour and delivery department to let them know they would be arriving soon. As he pulled up to the entrance, he intended to drop Niki off and park their vehicle but she didn’t want him to leave her. So he parked the vehicle, and was going to go get her a wheelchair from the building, but again, she didn’t want him to leave her in such pain in the parking lot.

Jon said that’s when the two ladies in the parking lot stepped in to help.

One of the ladies, who had the letters ‘RN’ on her name badge realized how much pain Niki was in, and that Jon needed to be by her side. The second lady quickly retrieved a wheelchair and pushed Niki all the way to the delivery room.

“That was so nice, to have those two nurses helping us out,” he said.

It allowed Jon to concentrate on supporting Niki in her labour and delivery.

“I don’t remember very much about getting to the BCHS,” said Niki, but she remembers arriving in the labour room and asking for an epidural right away. That procedure allowed her to relax, and by 10:29 a.m., she gave birth to Charlie, weighing 8 lbs, ½ oz.

Niki and Charlie stayed at the BCHS for two nights while Charlie learned to nurse. Niki recalled how incredibly helpful the nurses were as they taught her different nursing techniques.

Now that life has settled into a routine, Niki reflected on how the intense pain made the situation scary for her, but she felt much better once she arrived at the BCHS.

“It’s so comforting at the BCHS knowing you’re surrounded by professionals you can trust,” said Jon. “We had confidence in all the staff.”

The much-anticipated Family Birthing Centre at the BCHS is nearly complete! The new 19,000 square foot centre will be located on the third floor at the Brantford General site and include a 5-room family birthing centre, a 15-bed post-partum unit and an expanded special care nursery. Private rooms will enable mothers and their partners to remain with their new baby in the same room for the entire length of stay. Currently, there are about 1,450 babies born at the BCHS annually and this number is expected to increase to 1,600 by 2016.

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