Grateful Patient: Marion Blower – Emergency Care & Medical (B8)B8 Medical Team

“From the ER, to admission on the 8th floor, to discharge, the service could not have been better.”

Those were the words Marion Blower wrote to the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) doctors, nurses and medical staff to thank them for her treatment at the Brantford General Hospital in April 2014.

“I had VIP treatment from the word ‘Go,’” said Marion, who is still undergoing some treatment following a serious case of pneumonia.

It was this serious case of pneumonia that saw Marion become a patient at BCHS. She was having trouble breathing and hoped that it might clear up on its own. She admits she waited too long before seeing her family physician. Pneumonia is a breathing (respiratory) condition caused by an infection in the lung. Common symptoms include cough, fever and shortness of breath. Individuals may also experience headaches, loss of appetite and fatigue. The severity of each case can vary, but for Marion, it had become acute.

“Marion was in very bad shape,” said her husband Roy.

When she did see her family physician, the doctor sent Marion directly to the BCHS. Staff at the doctor’s office immediately recognized the severity of her condition and wouldn’t let Marion even walk to the car, where Roy was waiting to drive her. They wheeled her to the car on an office chair.

Dr. Higgins was the first physician Marion saw in the BCHS Emergency Department. She said the BCHS staff were helpful and caring, keeping her informed about what they were doing, as they made sure Marion received oxygen right away. She was taken for X-rays to determine the status of her pneumonia before she was admitted to the medical unit on the eighth floor.

“I was well looked after,” she said. “I was more than surprised at the attention I got”.

She received her medications right away and was monitored regularly. The Medical Care Team at the BCHS provides care to adults and their families who are residents of Brant County and require medical, surgical, and cardiac care. Nurses, physicians and members of the allied health care team work in partnership with our patients and families to develop a plan of care.

Marion stayed several days while her lungs cleared of the pneumonia. She was back for a follow-up appointment and breathing test and is following doctor’s directions in order to prevent any further breathing problems.

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