Grateful Patient: Ethan Johnson – Emergency Care & Paediatric Care EthanandErichaJohnson

Seven-year old Ethan Johnson has a special message for his school friends, “the hospital is okay”.

That’s what Ethan relays to everyone he meets after his visit to the BCHS Emergency and Paediatric departments in July 2014.

Ethan, his mom Ericha, and his whole family were on a fun outing when he told his mom he just couldn’t walk any further. As a nurse, and a concerned mother, Ericha knew something wasn’t right when she lifted the cuff of his shorts and saw his knee was “big, red hot and swollen.”

The family headed straight to the Emergency Department at the BCHS where Ethan was triaged and saw a doctor out of concern for what could have been a number of very serious problems, including the possibility of necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh eating disease).

Dr. Kaitlin Link, a BCHS Emergency physician performed a “tap” to draw fluid from Ethan’s knee.

Ericha said Dr. Al Quinlan (resident of Paediatrician, Dr. Brooke Pearson), was really amazing with Ethan, even lending the boy his smartphone so he could watch videos while passing the time.

“Everybody was so helpful and efficient,” said Ericha “and especially good at calming a really anxious child”.

Ethan was admitted to the BCHS Paediatric Unit so staff could rule out an infection in his knee joint. Friends and family were worried.

“I was worried about myself,” said Ethan, who said his knee kept hurting.

Everything happened so fast, but Ericha said BCHS staff didn’t hesitate to spend the time answering the many questions she had as a mother and fellow healthcare professional.

Ericha settled in to Ethan’s room with him where they spent a lot of time watching movies and playing on his bed. Ethan said he felt very, very sick at the time, but it helped knowing the people around him were there to help.

“Ethan thought he was missing summer,” said Ericha, even though his stay was just five days.

Ericha said the BCHS staff were great, staying on top of things and helping make their time in the Paediatric Unit as pleasant as possible.

Once released, Ethan continued a 30-day course of antibiotics for what his doctor called one of the most aggressive cases of cellulitis, or bacterial skin infection, he’d seen. And although the exact cause is still unknown, Ethan is back to his regular self.

The BCHS provides a wide range of Paediatric Services to Brantford, Brant County and surrounding areas. Services include some paediatric surgery, inpatient care to infants and children less than 16 years of age and Emergency Services. Our goal is to provide high-quality, family-centred care in a safe and warm environment as part of our Maternal Child program.

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