Grateful Patient: Barbara Melara – Emergency Care & Fracture Clinic

Barbara MelaraWhen something happens and you find yourself in the hospital, it’s comforting to know you’ll be treated thoroughly by knowledgeable, caring professionals.

That’s how Barbara Melara feels after two broken wrists and two bouts with kidney stones brought her to the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS).

Barbara’s story begins three years ago, when she fell at work and broke her wrist. She received treatment at the BCHS Emergency Department and was finally healed when a year later, she was pulled by her dog on a leash, fell and broke her other wrist.

Barbara said she received excellent care in both the Emergency Department where she was initially seen, and in the Fracture Clinic where her bones were set.

“All the BCHS staff were great, especially the nurses – they were kind and patient,” she said. “I was really impressed to have such responsive, caring staff looking after me.”

The Melaras have lived in St. George for more than 20 years and have never found themselves in need of hospital services until this time.

In December 2013, the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation’s 12 Days of Giving campaign in the Brantford Expositor newspaper caught their attention. They were particularly interested in the article that described 12 pieces of critical patient equipment the BCHS Foundation was raising funds to support. Barbara’s husband, Emidio, was drawn to make a significant contribution to the campaign to show their support and in appreciation for the excellent care Barbara received.

Barbara had yet another opportunity to experience the BCHS Emergency Department when in March of this year she arrived with what she described as incredible pain in her side. It turned out to be a kidney stone, for which Barbara returned a couple of weeks later for day surgery to remove the stone.

She was back again in July with the same pain, but now on the other side. Barbara said she was seen within two minutes of arriving and said staff wasted no time seeing to her care.

“I was just totally amazed,” she said about being given medication for her intense pain and receiving intravenous fluid right away.

While at the BCHS, Barbara received an ultrasound and CT scan to help gather more details of her condition. The BCHS Diagnostic Imaging Department performs about 150,000 exams per year at both The Brantford General and The Willet, Paris sites. Most of these important diagnostic resources have been purchased through donor dollars and this incredible community support and investment valued at several million dollars has kept the BCHS at the forefront of digital imaging services in Canada.

Barbara also complimented the BCHS volunteers that made sure she got to where she needed to be and brought her warm blankets to ease her pain and keep her comfortable.

“I felt like I was getting really well looked after,” she said. “I was just really, really impressed.”

“I certainly thought for something you don’t want to have happen, it was a good experience,” she said.

Barbara’s story is a part of the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation’s 12 Days of Giving Campaign.

The equipment supported by donor dollars isn’t all ‘nice to have’ — it is critical, much-needed medical equipment required to perform daily diagnostics and care for patients.

As Barbara has learned first-hand, when crisis or illness impacts you or a loved one, the Brant Community Healthcare System is here to offer you exceptional healthcare in your time of need. Now is the time to make a difference, please consider making a gift TODAY that is meaningful to you, and support a strong healthcare system for our community.

Your involvement, through a donation of any size, will allow the BCHS Foundation to purchase patient equipment not funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, provide essential resources to maintain the exceptional level of compassionate patient care, and invest in new and innovative technology.

To make a donation, click here or call 519-751-5510.

This holiday season, give a gift and be a part of the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation’s 12 Days of Giving Campaign.