From left: Paediatrics RN Jennifer Hadlock stands with Paula Sheppard, Vice-President and Tanya Blue of DSS Trucking Services Ltd. along with Allison McKellar, Registered Nurse Team Leader – Family Birthing Centre.

DSS Trucking Services Ltd. gifts busy boxes to Paediatrics

Thank you to Paula Sheppard and Tanya Blue from DSS Trucking Services Ltd. for stopping by with an enormously generous donation of ‘busy bags‘ for the Brant Community Healthcare System Paediatrics Department on Friday, April 28.

Co-owners of DSS Trucking Services, Paula and Darren Sheppard, have given back to local healthcare since 2013 after their own family’s positive experiences in the Paediatrics Department at the BCHS gave them a personal insight into the importance of ‘busy boxes’ for our younger hospital patients.

“Someone had donated little baggies full of stuff to keep the children’s mind occupied while in the hospital,” said Darren Sheppard. “These were given to children as soon as they were settled in an assigned room.  My wife and I agreed that this was something we were going to donate in the future noticing how much it changed our children’s focus.”

Busy bags have been proven to distract and calm younger patients, so the Sheppards and their team at DSS Trucking Services prepared 64 separate sealed bags containing a stuffed animal, a colouring book and crayons, two pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a scrapbook, a deck of cards, and a tooth brush and tooth paste.

A small sample of the 64 ‘Buy Bags’ donated to the BCHS Paediatrics department by DSS Trucking Services Ltd.

Together, we are transforming healthcare in our community!

Check out DSS Trucking Services’ previous years of giving at their website located at: