12 Days of Giving


Stephanie Piovesan is a Grateful Patient…

Whether it is your first child, or your fourth, having access to compassionate, highly-trained healthcare professionals when something doesn’t seem right, is important to an expectant family.

Stephanie Piovesan

Labour and Delivery RNs Katie McVicar, left, and Brittany Hill with newborn Kingsley Piovesan in the BCHS Special Care Nursery.

Stephanie and Anthony Piovesan were awaiting the birth of their fourth child in December 2015.  By all accounts, Stephanie’s pregnancy was progressing normally until early December when she arrived at the hospital with some bleeding. The couple’s third child had been born several weeks premature, so they weren’t taking any chances.

Also suffering some cramping, Stephanie stayed overnight at the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) while her medical team awaited the results of an ultrasound.

The following day everything seemed to be fine, and Stephanie was just about to go home, when her water broke. Rather than wait at the hospital for labour to progress, Stephanie received antibiotics to fend off infections and chose to go home to await the arrival of their son.

Once home for a while Stephanie realized something wasn’t right and she contacted her doctor’s office.  Her OBGyn, Dr. Rebecca Rooney, decided she should return to the hospital for bloodwork.  It was determined that despite all attempts to prevent it, Stephanie had developed an infection.

Stephanie and Dr. Rooney, decided she would stay at the hospital. She was settled in to the Family Birthing Centre and her labour was induced on December 16. 

The Family Birthing Centre located on the third floor is a 19,000 square foot space with labour and delivery rooms, private birthing rooms and a Special Care Nursery. The centre also includes a post-partum unit. Private rooms enable mothers and their partners to remain with their new baby in the same room for the entire length of stay. Currently, there are about 1,600 babies born at the BCHS annually.

The Piovesan’s son, Kingsley, made his arrival in just 10 minutes. “When it was time my labour was quick”, said Stephanie.

Born at 32 weeks, rather than a full term of about 40 weeks, Kingsley spent some time in the Special Care Nursery at BCHS.  As a precaution, he received the support of a CPAP machine to help build up his lung function, and received antibiotics for a slight case of pneumonia.

The Special Care Nursery can accommodate up to eight premature or sick babies at any time. Each neonate is treated by a team of Paediatricians and nurses who have experience in intensive nursing care of babies and their families. The Special Care Nursery also has specialized equipment for use on babies’ tiny bodies.

Stephanie was more than pleased with the care her newborn received in the Special Care Nursery.

“I love the nurses up there,” she said. “We received a lot of one-on-one attention.”

After a few weeks, Kingsley was cleared to go home with his family.

As the Piovesan family learned first-hand, when crisis or illness impacts you or a loved one, the Brant Community Healthcare System is here to offer you exceptional healthcare in your time of need.

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