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Marjorie Good is a Grateful Patient…

For someone who lives with chronic illness, it’s comforting to know that quality healthcare is available close to home when a crisis arises.

Marjorie Good - Grateful Patient

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Despite maintaining an active lifestyle, Marjorie Good deals with chronic lung disease and heart problems. She is used to having her cardiac function tested every couple of years, or as needed, so when her doctor ordered a cardiac scan she agreed.

Marjorie arrived at the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) prepared for her cardiac function tests in the hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Department. The Brant Community Healthcare System features state-of-the-art equipment and experienced and qualified staff and Marjorie was quite relaxed heading in to the procedure.

She was settled onto the bed of the machine, where the gamma camera would take pictures of the heart. The images show the flow of blood in her body, and in order for the camera to capture the images, Marjorie had received an injection of a small amount of ionizing radiation.

Unlike x-ray examinations, nuclear medicine tests are performed by administering small doses of radioactive materials to a patient.
The material administered in these tests localizes within the patient and the Gamma Camera captures the function of a particular organ orsystem.

In general, nuclear medicine tests provide a low dose of radiation and side effects and allergies to the materials are extremely rare.

Marjorie was one of those rare cases.

“They hadn’t given it to me long, when I said, ‘Look, there’s something really wrong,’” she said, adding her muscles began to tense up as soon as she was given her injection.

There was a calm, quick response from staff who administered another injection to counteract Marjorie’s reaction. The doctor in the Nuclear Medicine Department never left Marjorie’s side during the remainder of the test, reassuring her that she would recover without any problem. The testing continued and later Marjorie learned her results were satisfactory.

“It was just something that happened,” said Marjorie.

She has participated in heart testing over the years, but this was her first nuclear test. Marjorie said the doctor’s demeanor helped her feel less nervous when she began to feel the tightening of her muscles.

“You really depend on a doctor,” she said.

Right from the time Marjorie was admitted for her testing – which was scheduled to last several hours – she said the staff was very friendly and helpful to her, answering any questions she had about what she could expect during her test.

“I was treated very well,” she said. “That’s all you can ask when you come in.”

Even with her health issues, Marjorie said she enjoys an active lifestyle. Her physical activity includes walking and dancing on weekends.

“If you don’t get up and keep moving, you’re not doing yourself any good,” she said.

As Marjorie knows, when crisis or illness impacts you or a loved one, the Brant Community Healthcare System is here to offer you exceptional healthcare in your time of need.

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