12 Days of Giving



Each year, Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) staff, physicians and management identify new and replacement pieces of medical equipment that are required for purchase.

It is estimated that over $25 million will be needed by the BCHS to support critical patient equipment over the next five years.

It is through the generosity of our many wonderful donors, like you, that the BCHS Foundation has been able to help fund the purchase of critical pieces of equipment to support our healthcare system.

In light of the current financial challenges being faced by the BCHS, your donor dollars are more important now than ever.

The equipment purchased with donor dollars isn’t ‘nice to have’ – it is essential, much-needed equipment required to diagnose and care for our patients. Funding for this equipment is not provided by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, but rather from generous corporations, foundations and individuals who care to maintain and improve our community’s health.

Read about our 12 pieces of featured patient equipment below:



Approx. $3,300 each

This lightweight resuscitation unit is used by the Family Birthing Centre and Special Care Nursery for reliable treatment and transport of infant patients experiencing breathing difficulties. Neopuff technology is  recognized as a standard in infant critical care in over 120 countries worldwide and is recommended by all major resuscitation guidelines.



Approx. $2,000 each

Wheelchairs offer optional self-administered or assisted transportation of patients throughout the hospital. Some of the features of modern wheelchairs include rear flat-free wheels, swing-away footrests, fixed padded full length desk arms for additional comfort and companion-activated wheel locks ensuring patient safety.

Nerve Response ENT


Approx. $39,000 each

Nerve Integrity Monitors (NIM) are used by surgeons in the Operating Room (OR) to help reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgery. NIMs monitor electromyography activity in multiple cranial and peripheral nerves and provide audible and visual alerts to the Surgeon if a nerve is detected.

Portable Suction


Approx. $3,000 each

Lightweight portable suction machines are used throughout the BCHS for treatment of gastric and thoracic conditions and wound management therapies. Suction machines are also used in general surgical procedures. Their small footprint, low maintenance requirements and high infection safety features make portable suction an ideal multi-use medical device.

Si-PAP Ventilator


Approx. $20,000 each

Si-PAP machines provide non-invasive breathing assistance for infants and are used in the Special Care Nursery (SCN). Si-PAP Ventilators are one of the most essential neonatal medical tools available to our Paediatricians and Registered Nurses.

Critical Care Beds


Approx. $35,000 each

Critical Care beds connect to the hospital network delivering continuous patient status information, and alerting staff to adverse events either visually, audibly or remotely. Critical Care beds are highly mobile allowing staff to easily maneuver patients from room to room using one-touch electric brakes, mechanical back-up and a motorized drive system.

Patient Simulator


Approx. $24,000 each

Vital Signs Simulators (VSS) accurately mimic a wide variety of human medical conditions.This technology allows theBCHS Biomedical Engineering team to accurately maintain and calibrate existing equipment against a variety of conditions ensuring life-saving medical devices are ready for use in the hospital. VSS units also double as teaching aids for staff allowing them to test equipment and receive lifelike responses.


Approx. $5,000 each

Ambulatory infusion smart pumps safely deliver accurate medication delivery in an easy-to-use, patient friendly system, while allowing the patient to still be mobile. Patient mobility is found to be highly effective in decreasing recovery time, improving clinical outcomes and reducing the length of hospital stays.

Birthing Bed


Approx. $22,000 each

Birthing Beds provide comfort and security for both mother and caregiver. Simple operation, high mobility and an ergonomic
design provide safety. 
Features include length-adjustable footrests to provide multiple leg positioning capabilities, an ultra-comfort mattress and a siderail communication array including a nurse call button with an integrated speaker.

Yellofin Stirrups


Approx. $16,000 each

Yellofin Stirrups are used in the Operating Room to securely position patients in preparation for surgery. Floating boots and pads fully  enclose and minimize pressure on a patient’s foot, ankle and calf. The stirrups cover and protect the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve, which are particularly important in bladder, kidney, or urinary tract surgery.

Critical Care Ventilator


Approx. $60,000 each

Ventilators provide essential breathing assistance for patients and are used in the Critical Care Unit. Ventilators intelligently recognize a patient’s specific breathing pattern and adjust air delivery based upon flow gradient triggers to ensure smooth, uninterrupted ventilation of patients.



Approx. $46,000 each

Colposcopes are primarily used in women’s health diagnostics for the detection of cervical cancer or to further investigate an abnormality on a Pap smear. These compact and easy-to-use devices also allow Obstetricians/Gynecologists to visually distinguish normal from abnormal tissue.

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